Onboard and train your talent with chatbots

Employees can learn new skills with our digital mentors – chatbots, which make the learning experience similar to chatting with friends and colleagues about work and whatnot. 

Companies and teams can create their own content.

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Enable Learning for Your Teams

  • L&D Professionals

  • Team Leaders

  • Experts

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Interactive chatbots provide A to Z coverage of all your employees need to know on the subject. They can jump straight to advanced concepts or build-up their skills gradually. Enable them to chat and learn at their own pace.

📱 Product management

💳 FinTech and Financial Modeling

💬 Negotiations


The era of tedious mandatory courses is over. Create your own chatbots and simulations. Paste your content into Google Sheets and we'll take care of the rest. Your teams will thank you.

🔖 Use templates: On-boarding and more

📚 Customize our courses: Diversity and more

💡 Create courses and tests from scratch


Check Maturity Level of Your Employee Onboarding Process

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Build Conversational Learning in Google Sheets


Paste all messages into one column, one-by-one


Choose a user reaction for the messages: select 'options' or an 'input field'


Create decision trees by assigning 'destinations' – just tell us where options lead


Add pictures, videos and external links

Why Chatbots is a Future of Corporate L&D

“Since chatbots are automated solutions, they allow organizations to train many learners at once and simultaneously. Chatbots provide instant access to expert knowledge and advice all the time. Chatbots can also break the cycle of learning and forgetting by applying learning in a real-world context, this way it is more likely to stick."

Dr.Greg Blackburn, Source

"So, if there are chatbots for so many areas of our lives, why not use them in L&D?  One of the key things about chatbots is their presence and accessibility.  They’re there for us when and where we need them."


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